What is No Peace Without Justice?

Megan ShoreCommunity Development, Faith-based Organizations, Homelessness, Peacebuilding

Advocate of justice and peace. Opponent of hatred and violence.

This website is a virtual hub to profile people, organizations and events that work to create a more just and peaceful world through their research, public engagement and activism.

So why did I decide to create this website? Ever since the 2016 US election campaign, I became so frustrated with stories of hatred, oppression and marginalization that seem to dominate the media and our lives. I don’t think these stories are new or that they emerged because of Trump. I think they were always there but people were emboldened to speak the hatred, and act on it, because he spoke it and got elected. A group of people has been emboldened to carry out acts of hatred and violence, and I was sick of hearing about these negative stories.

I know there is another way to live. I have experienced people who are making the world a better place through their work for justice and peace. And I realized that these are the stories that need to be told. This website will offer a window into the people and organizations and events that are working to create a more just and peaceful world. It will offer hope and positivity (but not naivety) in place of despair and negatively.

I did not coin the phrase “no peace without justice.” There is a great tradition of people proclaiming that you cannot have peace without justice, including Martin Luther King Jr and Pope John VI. Following this tradition, I believe that justice and peace are inextricably connected, and that we cannot get to sustainable peace without justice. This phrase can be a rallying cry for justice and peace. And this website can be a forum to tell the stories of justice and peace.

Thank you for visiting this website. Share with me your stories about people, organizations and events that are working for justice and peace at meganshore@nopeacewithoutjustice. Help me create the alternative narrative to the negativity and hatred. Help me work to create a more just and peaceful world.