Remembering 9/11 Peacefully

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  Today is the 16th anniversary of September 11. I have to admit that my day started off without a thought of this anniversary. I woke up thinking of the people in the Florida who just experienced the devastating effects of hurricane Irma, I rushed to get my boys to school and got home to a million things to do … Read More

Interfaith Peace Camp

Megan ShoreFaith-based Organizations, Peacebuilding

Over the past week, over 50 children joined together to explore peace at The London Interfaith Peace Camp (LIPC), held at King’s University College. “It is a collaborative community project that encourages understanding and cooperation among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith groups. Rooted in the shared values of these Abrahamic traditions, the LIPC is a week-long day camp offered to … Read More

Community Art Project For Justice

Megan ShoreCommunity Development, Peacebuilding

In 2012, Stratford, Ontario local Karen Elliott was driving to the beach on Perth Line 29 with a friend when she was confront with racist graffiti on the side of a shed on the road. Turning her outrage into action, she transformed the blue shed with the racist graffiti into a community project for justice. Members of the community joinged … Read More

Can a Video Game Foster Peace?

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It is the last week of April (2017), and it marks the International Games Week in Berlin Germany. As someone who has never really taken to playing video games, this really shouldn’t be of interest to me. But what is making news from Berlin and Games Week is one of the new indie, alternative games that are on display. It … Read More

“Peace” and Theologians in the Academy, Church and Society

Megan ShoreCommunity Development, Peacebuilding

Approximately a hundred and fifty scholars, activist, ministers and theologians joined together at the University of Nottingham for three days to discuss “Peace” at the annual meeting for the Society of the Study of Theology” (SST). (24-26 April 2017) The SST is the leading British organization for theologians in academy, church and society. The focus of the SST is to … Read More