Less self-help, more community-help

Megan ShoreCommunity Development

Everywhere I look these days people are focused on self-help. Whether it is life-coaches, skin care products, diet regimes or fitness programs, the focus seems to be on how to be the best you can be, and how you can look younger, better and fitter. I get that. I too want to live my best life with purpose, have flawless (& ageless) skin, and have the body to boot! But to what end?

I wonder what would happen if we put as much energy into community-help as we do self-help? What would happen if we promoted programs that focused on healthier and happier communities. Communities that focused on Clean and safe physical environment, equity and adequate access to food, water, shelter, income, safety, work and recreation for all. I think we could start by making a better world starting with our communities.

It isn’t that I am opposed to self-help. Or that I want only community-help – because I’ve seen this lead to burn out and no self-help! Actually I encourage self-help and seek it myself, but in moderation. I think we need to bridge the self-help with the community-help so we can make a better world in which we can all flourish and prosper, not just our individual self. Would it catch on like the self-help craze? Can you imagine what our communities and our world would look like if we spent as much time and energy seeking community-help as we did seeking self-help? So now is the time for less self-help (or self-help in moderation or self-help that leads to community-help) and more community-help. Or a happy middle-ground that helps ourselves and our communities!