Can a Video Game Foster Peace?

Megan ShorePeacebuilding

It is the last week of April (2017), and it marks the International Games Week in Berlin Germany. As someone who has never really taken to playing video games, this really shouldn’t be of interest to me. But what is making news from Berlin and Games Week is one of the new indie, alternative games that are on display. It … Read More

“Peace” and Theologians in the Academy, Church and Society

Megan ShoreCommunity Development, Peacebuilding

Approximately a hundred and fifty scholars, activist, ministers and theologians joined together at the University of Nottingham for three days to discuss “Peace” at the annual meeting for the Society of the Study of Theology” (SST). (24-26 April 2017) The SST is the leading British organization for theologians in academy, church and society. The focus of the SST is to … Read More

Less self-help, more community-help

Megan ShoreCommunity Development

Everywhere I look these days people are focused on self-help. Whether it is life-coaches, skin care products, diet regimes or fitness programs, the focus seems to be on how to be the best you can be, and how you can look younger, better and fitter. I get that. I too want to live my best life with purpose, have flawless … Read More

What is No Peace Without Justice?

Megan ShoreCommunity Development, Faith-based Organizations, Homelessness, Peacebuilding

Advocate of justice and peace. Opponent of hatred and violence. This website is a virtual hub to profile people, organizations and events that work to create a more just and peaceful world through their research, public engagement and activism. So why did I decide to create this website? Ever since the 2016 US election campaign, I became so frustrated with … Read More

Who is Megan Shore?

Megan ShoreMegan Shore, Random Musings

If I were to describe who I was, in order of importance, I would say that I am: a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, scholar, activist, cyclist and runner. And I am committed to creating a more just and peaceful world. So how did a small town girl from South Western Ontario become focused on creating a more just … Read More